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Warframe Update 33.5.6 Patch Notes, Confirmed Changes, and News

Jul 15, 2023

Are you looking for the latest Warframe patch notes? If you're here, chances are that Digital Extremes have pushed another game update to add new content or deployed a hotfix to make some adjustments. While Warframe is a good free-to-play title with an incredible community, it's no strange to the problems that plague most modern live-service titles.

Since these games, including Warframe, are constantly evolving and changing, it's best to keep an eye out for every new patch note to keep yourself updated with the game. Warframe, in particular this year, has received numerous hotfixes since the launch of its latest expansion, The Duviri Paradox. It's mostly minor fixes for stuff like missions not being tracked, the new Kullervo Warframe, Duviri nodes, and more.

Irrespective of whether it's something minor or game-changing, we plan to keep this article updated with all the changes coming to this game. Read on to find out the latest Warframe patch notes.

Below, we will keep you up to date on the latest news, rumors, and leaks related to Warframe's new and upcoming patches.

With update 33.6, Digital Extremes has finally added the much anticipated Prime Warframe of Wisp. As with any Warframe in the game, you can either purchase it directly from the in-game store or earn relics to craft Wisp Prime.

No doubt we're going to see and hear plenty more about future updates to Warframe with TennoCon fast approaching on August 26.

The Countdown to #TennoCon 2023 on August 26 has begun!Learn more about #Warframe’s biggest day & 10-Year Anniversary, how you can get Gara Prime for free and much more:

Below you can find the latest patch notes for Warframe in 2023.
















Fixed being unable to trade Arcanes due to them appearing as Mods in the trading UI.

Fixed The Duviri Experience node not registering as complete after finishing The Duviri Paradox Quest, which was preventing the other Duviri nodes (Circuit and Lone Story) from being marked correctly. This led to the Steel Path not unlocking or completing for most players (since the intended flow of needing the normal nodes completed first was not being fulfilled).

Kullervo Changes & Fixes

The following changes have been made to address top player feedback regarding Kullervo’s survivability. We are still collecting feedback for potential future changes.

Increased Kullervo’s base Overguard cap from 5,000 to 10,000.

Added Ability Strength scaling to Kullervo’s Overguard cap.

Increased Kullervo’s Recompense base self-heal from 125 to 250 at rank 0 and 200 to 350 at max rank.

Increased Kullervo’s base Health from 225 to 325.

Added a brief invulnerability window to Recompense’s cast.

Fixed Kullervo’s Storm of Ukko ability triggering SFX from Nova’s Molecular Prime ability.

Fixed Archwing not having any Shields if using Kullervo.

Rauta Changes

The following changes have been made to address player feedback regarding Rauta’s damage concentration. We are still collecting feedback for potential future changes.

Increased Damage Falloff ranges from 6m-16m to 10m-20m.

Reduced its overall pellet spread.

General Changes

Made the following changes to the Power Lines objective in the The Covetous Courtier stage of The Duviri Paradox Quest:

Reduced the number of Power Lines needing to be reconnected from 3 to 1.

Added waypoints to each nodule needing to be targeted to reconnect the line.

Added hint text to help players understand the objective.

Updated the description of the Chatty Ordis Community Glyph to credit the correct artist.

Updated the speed of the VFX on the Zhivira Shoulder Armor to match the artist’s intent.

Added cloth physics to the Vikasa Aegis Chest Armor to match the artist’s intent.

Updated the Hidden Chest objective text when they are located in caves.


Fixed black screen on Steam Deck after using alt-F4 and reopening Warframe.

Fixed Resource Boosters not affecting resources earned from SPROUT in Teshin’s Cave.

Fixed players getting stuck in the Undercroft lobby during the Kullervo fight after Host was teleported in by Client.

Fixed losing control of Paragrimm in the Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objective when another player triggers the Kullervo fight.

Fixed permanently losing Kaithe after not selecting your own (from the Kaithes that spawn) and being downed while riding it during The Steel Path Orowyrm fight.

Fixed Archon Boreal at times being fully invincible during his screeching ability (even if you are within the sphere) in Archon Hunts.

Fixed being unable to remove an Incarnon Genesis from a weapon if it is the only weapon that has one installed.

Fixed being able to choose and play the Duviri Steel Path nodes even if you haven’t completed the regular ones.

If you have cleared all of the Duviri Steel Path nodes without the regular ones prior to this hotfix, you will have to do so again in the intended way (complete normal Duviri nodes and then the Steel Path nodes) to receive the Duviri Steel Path rewards.

Fixed being unable to spawn Kaithe after being forcefully dismounted by running past a Table for Two side objective and then teleporting away using fast travel.

Fixed revive UI using the wrong button input callout while using a controller.

Fixed Eximus units appearing in the Undercroft Defense stage of The Duviri Paradox Quest.

Fixed Teshin’s Rablit not spawning in stage 6 of The Duviri Paradox Quest - causing a progress halt.

Fixed getting stuck in the Duviri/Railjack region screen after selecting the active Call of the Tempestarii/The Duviri Paradox quest button at the top of the Navigation UI.

Fixed Oberon’s Hallowed Reckoning Augment Mod not scaling with Duration or Ability Strength Mods.

The UI indicated that they were, but it was not applied in-mission.

Fixed the number of Tomes required in the Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objective not adjusting to squad size after Host migration (always requiring 3 instead of scaling).

Fixed Cryotic earned from one Excavation side objective Undercroft Portal carrying over to the next.

Fixed the waypoint marker from the Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability lingering on Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objectives after completion.

Fixed rare issue of getting a non-existent Primary weapon as an option in Teshin’s Cave offerings.

Fixed the co-op Paragrimm’s Hutch Enigma at Kullervo’s Hold spawning in Solo Duviri missions.

Fixed negative Mod capacity displaying negative number in Arsenal after selling/trading an equipped Aura Mod.

A pop-up will now appear when attempting to sell/trade an equipped Aura Mod, informing players where the Mod is equipped so that it may be unequipped to sell/trade.

Fixed being unable to select an answer on the Zariman Tablets found in Duviri until after transmissions have completed.

Fixed the MK1-Braton missing from the Advanced Movement tutorial sequence.

Fixed the UI on the Zariman Tablets being squished together if you interact with it while a transmission is playing.

Fixed Decree selection UI overlapping with pause menu when using a controller.

Fixed UI overlap in The Circuit reward path selection.

Fixed UI overlap occurring when selecting categories in the Arsenal and opening loadout screen.

Fixed players hearing the wrong SFX for the Drifter’s Restorative ability if cast by someone other than themselves.

Fixed Baruuk’s Lull ability SFX not playing in their entirety if cast quickly in succession.

Fixed strange orange line appearing when casting Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability.

Fixed far away players hearing the Kullervo’s Hold bulletin SFX when triggered by another player.

Fixed VFX missing when cleansing Conservation animals in Duviri.

Fixed Gauss’ Nitrolyst Helmet Redline VFX color always defaulting to blue regardless of the custom color selected in the Arsenal.

Fixed Sun Silph floating seeds not moving towards the player if they are close enough to collect them.

Fixed Sun Silph floating seeds not despawning when the plant does as you leave its spawn radius.

Fixed hitching related to the plants from SPROUT loading into Teshin’s Cave upon arrival.

Fixed erroneous eye light VFX on Tamms and Kexats in Duviri.

More fixes towards Syandana offset issues when equipped on the Drifter/Operator Orizu Suit.

More fixes towards armor offset issues with the Drifter Harrier and Saita Suits.

Fixed offset issues with the Krtrima Leg Armor.

Fixed several offset issues with the Protovyre Apex Syandana (Warframes and Drifter).

Fixed collision missing on some of the decorative walls on the Archarbor island in Duviri.


Added caches to the Enigma room at Kullervo’s Hold after successfully completing it.

Resources collected from SPROUT in Teshin’s Cave are now affected by Resource Boosters.

Updated the objective text for Hidden Chests located inside caves to indicate such.


Optimized memory used by DirectX 12 for multi-threaded rendering, particularly for PCs with many cores.

Also fixed potential performance issues with playing on DirectX 12 with PCs not using a 8-core/16-thread processor.

Made systemic micro-optimizations to rendering performance.

Made general systemic micro-optimizations.

Made micro-optimizations to engine startup and level loading.

Made systemic micro-optimizations to level loading.

Made optimizations to sound pathing.


Fixed Defense waves resetting after Host migration in the Undercroft.

Fixed Kullervo’s Recompense being able to put him in bleed-out if Ability Strength is high.

Other Warframes with a Health cost mechanic, such as Garuda and Inaros, prevent their self-damage from going beyond 2 Health. Kullervo’s Recompense now also has this preventative measure.

Fixed extremely high damage numbers caused by the Fortifying Will Decree interacting with Armor buffing abilities (e.g. Rhino’s Iron Skin and Chroma’s Elemental Ward/Vex Armor).

Fortifying Will grants 15% (at max) Ability Strength for every 50 Armor, which was creating an endless feedback loop with Armor buffing abilities and causing extreme numbers to be reached (at times reaching the billions). In order to fix the above and prevent any further issues, Fortifying Will now has a 500% Ability Strength cap. We want players to continue to enjoy the power that Decrees grant without exceeding levels that are game breaking. With the change above, we have also fixed the following issues:

Fixed the aforementioned abilities not working at all after several casts.

Fixed infinite and permanent armor stacking gained from casting Rhino’s Charge back to back with the Ironclad Charge Augment Mod equipped.

Fixed always getting the same Arcane (and possibly the same resource) from all available side objective Undercroft Portals in The Duviri Experience.

Fixed Last Gasp UI and VFX lingering for Clients after getting teleported out of the Undercroft.

Also fixed instant death upon using Transference Surge once returned to the Duviri Landscape.

Fixed being stuck as Warframe in Duviri if teleported from the Undercroft lobby to the Kullervo fight in The Duviri Experience.

To address the above and prevent any further issues, the Kullervo fight cannot be started until after all players have returned from the Undercroft. A warning message will appear to inform players if that is the case.

Fixed unranked Arcane Power Ramp giving 100x more Ability Strength as intended (+2%, stacking up to 4x).

Fixed Dragon Keys not unequipping from loadout and affecting gameplay in The New War Quest.

More fixes towards FOV randomly resetting after certain Duviri objectives.

Fixed Clients losing Sirocco after returning to the Duviri Landscape after defeating the Orowyrm.

Fixed mirrored Operator in Ghost Mirror side objectives spawning in unreachable places if the encounter began while flying above it.

More fixes towards launcher-related issues:

Fixes towards the launcher crashing upon hitting “Play.”

Fixes towards crashing on launcher startup.

Fixes towards the launcher going all black.

More fixes towards a crash that could occur after changing some Upscaling settings and starting the game with DirectX 12.

More fixes towards rare crashes that would occur on laptops with both an Nvidia RTX GPU and an Intel IGP.

Fixed Drifter Melee weapon being invisible upon returning to the Duviri landscape from the Undercroft if an automatic weapon was being fired at the time the player was teleported.

Fixed the Config screen in Teshin’s Cave only showing the weapon/Warframe’s base stats (not appearing affected by Mods).

Fixed installing Forma reverting previously modified Configs. For example: Changes to Config A would revert after adjusting Config B and then installing a Forma.

Fixed the Bo, Strun, and Vasto (base and variants) Incarnon’s Evolution IV challenge description not stating that it requires “slide attacks” to complete.

Was: Kill X enemies with this weapon.

Now: Kill X enemies with slide attacks.

Fixed several elements of the Enigma at Kullervo’s Hold not functioning (i.e. Glyphs missing from totem), making it impossible to complete.

Fixed the Felarx Incarnon’s Evolution V challenge description appearing as a file path.

Fixes towards Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability not guiding anywhere if cast while airborne.

Fixed loss of function from changing tabs in the Crew Contracts screen of the Configure Railjack console.

Fixed blinding VFX occurring when dual wielding the Furis Incarnon with a Glaive weapon.

Fixed issue where Decree SFX could get cut abruptly.

Fixed certain elements of the Enigma located in Kullervo’s Hold not working.

Fixed permanent black screen caused by spawning Kaithe immediately after interacting with the Find the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objective in Duviri.

Fixed Undercroft Portal VFX causing them to appear active during the Orowyrm fight when they were indeed not.

Fixed the context action to interact with Kullervo’s bulletins appearing while riding Kaithe.

Since it cannot be interacted with from Kaithe, it won’t appear until after you dismount.

Fixed a brief flash of brightness in the end of the mission screen.

Fixed Corpus Coildrives in the Orb Vallis not moving until players get close.

Fixed the Nikana Krtrima Skin's tooltip in the in-game Market's Featured tab stating that you do not own Nikanas even when you do.

More fixes towards offset issues with the Drifter Saita Prime Suit.

More fixes towards armor offset issues with the Drifter Harrier Suit (notably the Protovyre Shoulder Armor, TennoCon 2019 Shoulder Plates, and Sorex Shoulder Guards).

Fixes towards the portal in Teshin’s Cave at times not appearing.

Fixed security camera VFX not being culled through walls.

Fixed a crash related to processing in the Undercroft.

Fixed a crash caused by Host migration during the Kullervo Fight.

Fixed the in-game Market “Show All” label for Premium Bundles on the Featured page indicating there were more Bundles than what is actually available.

Fixed rare crash related to the Kullervo boss fight.

Fixed rare crash that could occur when the Ghoul Devourer uses its abilities.

Fixed several script errors in the Ghost Mirror side objective in Duviri.

Fixed a script error in the first stage of The Duviri Paradox Quest.

Fixed a script error caused by Khora’s Venari.

Fixed a script error caused by Kullervo’s Recompense.

Fixed a script error in the UI.

Fixed a script error caused by attempting to join a mission and losing internet connection at the same time.


Kullervo Fight Changes: The difficulty of the Kullervo fight has been adjusted to be more manageable for the Drifter Melee combatants. This was done in two ways: by adjusting some of his mechanics, and tweaking the amount of damage he receives from certain sources.

Changes to Kullervo’s mechanics

Changes to Kullervo’s damage receival:



Updated the Rauta’s SFX to make reloading transitions smoother.

Updated SFX in the Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objective (e.g., added SFX when finding the last Tome).

Changed Akimbo Slip Shot icon color from yellow to purple.

Updated the timing of Acrithis’ transmissions.

Removed the Rauta Shotgun from Conclave.


Fixed public matchmaking not working for the time-limited Kullervo’s Hold node.

The team is aware of lingering Matchmaking issues if the player has already loaded in the Cave.

Fixed being unable to join Arbitration missions and getting the “Unable to join. The mission has expired” error message.

Fixes towards launcher crashes related to playing the game in another language.

Fixed becoming invisible when mounting Kaithe while Kullervo boss casts his Collective Curse ability.

Fixed Rauta’s reload time being slowed when the Lock and Load Mod is equipped.

Also fixed the reload progress not updating in the UI.

Fixed objective text for the Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objective resetting the number of Tomes scanned.

Fixed the objective text for Kaithe Race gates resetting to 0 (instead of updating to “completed” state) for all squad members once someone has completed the race.

Fixed quick meleeing or blocking with the Syam slowing sprint speed.

Fixed being unable to equip the Liset Herulyst Skin after purchasing.

Fixed Drifter’s Guiding Light ability not working after mounting Kaithe for the first time in The Duviri Paradox Quest.

Fixed Persecutor Liminusfrom the Kullervo boss fight appearing in the Orowyrm cinematics.

Fixed Venari spawning with Kaithe on summon after using Transference Surge with Khora selected from Teshin’s Cave.

Fixed certain areas of Duviri missing art materials (such as rocks missing textures).

Fixed several offset issues with the Drifter Orizu, Harrier, and Saita Prime Suits.

Fixed several offset issues with Syandanas equipped on Kullervo.

Fixed being unable to link Kullervo’s Bane.

Fixed The Warden’s (at Kullervo Hold) subtitles appearing for players that are outside of audible range.

Fixed a script error related to side objective Undercroft Portals.

Fixed a script error caused by Host migration while the Kullervo fight is starting.

Fixed a script error related to the Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objective.

Fixed a script error in the purchase confirm UI.

Fixed a script error caused by leaving the game while petting a Conservation animal in Duviri.

Fixed a script error caused by the Eidolon Teralyst.

Fixed a script error caused by Host starting a Kaithe Race.

Fixed a script error caused by grappling to the Orowyrm with Orvius.

Fixed a script error caused by Last Gasp.

Fixed a script error caused by Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability animations.

Fixed a script error caused by Frost’s Avalanche ability.


Kullervo answers for his sins and the sins of others. His daggers and melee prowess deal high damage. Seize the power of treachery to slake his thirst for revenge.

NEW SHOTGUN: RAUTA Kullervo’s signature weapon boasts melee synergy. Engage enemies in close combat to boost your initial melee combo and deliver a devastating takedown.


New Undercroft Tile We have added a new tile to the Undercroft for you to battle and traverse. Keen Tenno will notice an academic atmosphere as they fight the hordes of Dominus Thrax’s minions. This tile will be available in both the Circuit and while traversing the Undercroft as a main Spiral Stage and side objective.

Undercroft Exterminate Mission Change:

Undercroft Defense Mission Changes

General Decree Changes and Fixes:


Incarnon Geneses Removal: Cavalero can now remove Incarnon Geneses in the Chrysalith on the Zariman!

General Incarnon Geneses Changes & Fixes


General Quest Changes

Quest Fixes

















Resource Cost Changes for Acrithis Wares and Incarnon Genesis Installation




The Undercroft (Landscape and The Circuit) Defense Changes




Duviri Orowyrm Fixes

The Duviri Paradox Quest Fixes




The Duviri Paradox Quest Fixes


The Duviri Paradox Quest Changes

The Duviri Paradox Quest Fixes

Duviri Experience Changes

Duviri Experience Fixes

General Changes

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