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Warframe Update 2.10 Out for Angels of the Zariman This April 27

Apr 09, 2024

Digital Extremes has released the Warframe update 2.10 today, and this one is for the massive Angels of the Zariman expansion! Check out the full Warframe April 27 update patch notes below.

Update 31.5: Angels of the Zariman

Update 31.5: Angels of the Zariman is abundant with story content, gameplay additions (three new game modes!), reworks, and more! As the direct narrative follow-up to The New War, there is much to be unearthed in this next chapter.

There are over 60 pages of notes below – To jump to a specific section of the notes, use your browser’s search feature to find the following sections:

The total download size is 2.2 GB.

Spoiler Courtesy

As a follow up to our original PSA, to avoid spoilers we have chosen to use spoiler-free language when describing certain parts of the update.

Please use liberal spoiler tags in your titles/posts/etc. if you wish to talk about content revealed on the Zariman, let’s not ruin the experience for others! Content Creators should clearly label spoiler content and use spoiler-free thumbnails and titles.

We have also created a dedicated Angels of the Zariman subforum to house all quest-related discussions, questions, bug reports and more:

A dedicated ‘known bugs list’ thread is also available for you to track what the team has on their list to fix:

This list is not exhaustive of ALL bugs, but lists the most prominent.


The Zariman Ten Zero cries out into the endless darkness that surrounds it. In a post-New War world, something lingers in the Void-ridden ship once inhabited by the Tenno. Its wailing can be heard from afar. Return to it, find the source of its song, and unearth the memories echoing throughout the vacant corridors.

Quest Prerequisite: You must have The New War quest completed in order to unlock the Angels of the Zariman quest in your Codex.If you have not completed The New War, check out our helpful guide:

Similar to the Saya’s Vigil, Vox Solaris, and Heart of Deimos quests, this is a solo gameplay-focused experience that will introduce you to key characters and Zariman related content.

Completing the quest will reward you with gifts from the Void in your Inbox!

Once you have completed the Angels of the Zariman quest, the following gameplay options will become available for you to start venturing deeper into the ship:

*More detailed information on the above is provided in their own sections below.


Go back to where it all began, Tenno. The horrors of the past that took place on the Zariman Ten Zero may be overshadowed by the phantasmic energies that now reside there.

Characterized by its overgrown state and constant flow of Void energy, it has taken a new form. Between the golden figures and trinkets littered around from before the Void-Jump accident, the Void pulses through its veins, twisting and bending the Zariman to its will. The accident left the ship in disarray, with many nooks and crannies that can be discovered and explored.

Explore with caution, Tenno — even though you may recognize areas from your past, everything is not what it seems.

The Zariman appears in the Star Chart after completing The New War quest, but is only accessible after completing the Angels of the Zariman quest.

Optimization Tip for PC Players:

Be advised that the Zariman tileset is optimized for and looks best with the ‘Enhanced’ Graphics Engine option enabled. We recommend you switch to this under the ‘Video’ tab in Options if your system can handle it to enjoy the finer details of this lush new map!Zariman Tileset Resources:

Ferrite, Alloy Plate, Voidgel Orb (NEW), Entrati Lanthorns (NEW), and Thrax Plasm are dropped from enemies and can be found in Resource Deposits around the Zariman tileset.

These new resources can also be fed to Helminth.


Voidplumes are tokens shed from Void Manifestations which can be used for many things, including:

Voidplumes can be earned as Bounty rewards. They can also be found scattered around the Zariman tileset in a similar fashion to Syndicate Medallions. Each mission spawns 8 Voidplumes for keen-eyed Tenno to find! A prompt will appear letting you know how many more Plumes can be found in-mission after picking one up.

Similar to Medallions, there are various tiers with different Standing values: higher tiers of Voidplumes can be earned by killing special Void manifestation enemies or from Melica Caches, while lower tiers can be found in-mission and from Bounty drop tables. Listed below are the tiers from lowest to highest:

Melica Caches & Zarium Accolades:

Zarium Accolades are required to open new caches locked by Cephalon Melica – whom you may remember from your time in the classroom. Melica Caches are marked for your convenience when you’re nearby. To unlock the Melica Cache, you will need to locate a Zarium Accolade – keep an ear out for their distinct sound, or use Loot Radar! Once you find a Zarium Accolade, you can pick them up and bring them to the Melica Console to unlock a Voidplume Quill within.

Melica Caches appear only once the Angels of the Zariman quest is complete, they cannot be found during the quest.

New Somachord Fragments:

Hunt down and scan Somachord Tones throughout the Zariman tileset to unlock 3 new tracks:


The Zariman brings with it new threats. Aboard the ship you will go toe to toe with the following fresh-faced foes:

Kuva TrokarianThe Worm Queen has bestowed these troopers with a miniature Kuva Trokar to disrupt transference.

Derivator CrewmanUsing the latest in Corpus weapons technology, this Crewman absorbs damage, until it unleashes it all in a powerful shockwave. The Derivator unit is mounted on the back.

Thrax Centurion Equipped with a deadly Scythe, they emanate an energy unknown to us. These mysterious creatures can be found in Zariman missions.

Thrax LegatusArmed and ready with a Rifle, they emanate an energy unknown to us. These mysterious creatures can be found in Zariman missions.

Codename: Void Manifestations Its true name and nature shall be revealed to you soon, Tenno…


A familiar location that was first ventured during The New War, the Chrysalith is at the heart of the Zariman. A sanctuary whose bridged walk paths and vistas were once enjoyed by its original passengers is now repurposed as a hub for returning visitors and warriors fending off against the Grineer, Corpus, and others that lay waiting in the halls of the Zariman.

During the Angels of the Zariman quest, you will be introduced to a band of new characters and a new Syndicate who call the Chrysalith home. After you have completed the quest, you will be able to visit the Chrysalith with other Tenno, as you would Fortuna or Cetus.

The Chrysalith is also the first social hub of its kind that allows you to seamlessly access procedural missions without load screens. Jump between missions without ever having to return to your Orbiter’s Navigation.

While inside the Chrysalith, opening the map will display what enemy faction is currently active within the Zariman. Grineer and Corpus squads rotate every 2.5 hours.

This is also indicated by the faction ships closing the distance between themselves and the Zariman in the Star Chart.


A new Syndicate is revealed after completing the Angels of the Zariman quest. Band together with Syndicate members stationed in the Chrysalith and gain access to Bounties, Incarnon Weapons, Dormizone & Voidshell goods, and more!

Work your way through the Ranks from Fallen to Angel, and forge bonds to uncover more about the present predicament of the Zariman. This Syndicate can also be accessed from the Syndicate segment in your Orbiter.


Once you have completed the Quest, Bounties become available from within the Chrysalith! These Bounties offer additional challenges for players looking to show their Mastery of the mission types on the Zariman – you will need to bring the best gear for the job! Players can play through the regular versions of these missions from the Star Chart, or opt for the Bounty version for different rewards and Syndicate standing. The Bounty versions are intended to be much more challenging!

Bounties are structured with a distinct objective that must be completed before the player can extract — or in certain cases can cause a mission failure if the player is unsuccessful. Upon mission completion, players also earn Voidplumes in addition to the Bounty drop table rewards The higher the difficulty, the harder the challenge, the more Plumes are given!

Bounty Rewards:

The following possible rewards can be earned by playing the Bounties:


The Zariman brings with it three new endless mission types: Void Flood, Void Cascade, and Void Armageddon. These missions offer new enemies and challenges! Accompanying these are Exterminate and Mobile Defense mission nodes set in the new Zariman tileset. After completing the Angels of the Zariman Quest, you can start these missions from the Star Chart, or by entering the elevator in the Chrysalith and interacting with the Zariman Navigation panel.

The enemies you will face aboard the Zariman depends on which faction have staked their claim on the ship. Word of the time-forgotten riches aboard the Zariman has made its way onto both Corpus and Grineer wavelengths. While only one faction will be aboard the Zariman at a time, you can expect to see even rotations of these factions every 2.5 hours as each one fights to claim their time aboard the fabled Zariman.

Base Focus Lenses for each Focus School are in Rotation C of the drop tables for these new endless missions. We wanted to add a new means of earning Lenses in light of all of the Focus changes, while also making later stages of the endless missions worth your while.


Forces born of Void and agony are clawing at the Albrecht membrane, creating Ruptures that saturate areas of the Zariman with Void energy. Introducing Void Flood – a parkour-heavy endless mission focused on maintaining the stability of the Zariman’s Automatic Vitoplast system.

How to play:

The goal is to mend these Ruptures, and in order to do so you must collect essential Vitoplast on-board the Zariman and deliver it to the location of these Void Ruptures. The amount of Vitoplast you collect is indicated by the floating globe accompanying you as you hunt it down. The globe fills with Vitoplast as it is collected, and drains when you are near a Void Rupture. Void Flood will test your refined parkour skills, as the anti-gravity properties of Vitoplast have them scattered high and low across the Zariman.

Be warned, failure to close the Ruptures flood the Zariman with uncontrollable Void Contamination that can enhance your enemy and hinder your strength in various different ways, or even cause the Vitoplast itself to act erratically. The higher levels of Void Contamination present on the Zariman, the greater the challenge. Contamination levels are indicated in a gauge in the HUD, with three levels of randomized effects that will trigger when hit:

Every three Ruptures sealed summons a Thrax Centurion – a strong foe made of both armor and Void energy looking to keep you from sealing up the Ruptures. Your synergy between Warframe and Operator will be required to take down this quick and relentless enemy. Similar to Eximus Units, Thrax Centurions are imbued with Overguard (more on this in the Eximus Reborn section below) which fortifies their stance. Thrax Centurions also directly reward 2,500 Focus Points of the players’ active Focus School for all of those who are within Affinity range once defeated.

You will have the choice to extract after sealing three Ruptures successfully, which also counts as one full round in this endless mission.

The success and length of your mission is fully dependent on your ability to balance consistent damage with elegant parkour. If you can keep up both to the standards of the Zariman Ten Zero, you will be nobly rewarded.


Enemies of the Zariman have caused a great imbalance using the Void energy perforating its walls and manifesting in truly horrifying ways. Introducing Void Cascade – an endless mission mode where you are tasked with cleansing Void-possessed Exolizers to restore the Zariman’s systems.

How to play:

The goal is to combat the Void using devices known as Exolizers. But even the advanced Zariman tech cannot resist the Void forever. It’s up to you to purge them of the Void, and fight off a complete and total Cascade.

Exolizers possessed by the Void are protected by it. Your Operator is key in cleansing it to allow the Exolizer to begin its purging process. Possessed and purged Exolizers are tracked in the HUD, alongside the gauge that indicates the level at which the ship is reaching a Cascade-level disaster.

Upon cleansing an Exolizer, Tenno must face a Thrax Centurian which has possessed the machine, but they will not give up without a fight. If they are not killed quickly, it will feed the Cascade by re-possessing another Exolizer and accelerate the chaos. The more you cleanse, the more chaotic it can get – it will require great focus and skill to maintain the Exolizers the longer you stay.

If you’d rather flee the battle and bank your rewards, it will require four successful purged Exolizers to unlock extraction, which also counts as one full round in this endless mission.

If players are unable to fend off the Cascade and the gauge reaches 100%, extraction will become available.

Restoring the systems of the Zariman won’t be easy, but is necessary to reclaim the ship. It will require great strength and coordination to quell the Cascade, but those who stay to fight will be compensated for their efforts.VOID ARMAGEDDON (ORO WORKS)

Grineer and Corpus enemies have boarded the Zariman and are targeting its Reliquary for destruction. Exquisitely twisted creations and their minions seek to do the same. Void Armageddon tests your ability to prioritize targets: defend against enemies while protecting the Reliquary aboard the Zariman and the Exodampers that aid you in your objective. Assemble your Arsenal wisely, as this mission is not for the ill-prepared.

How to play:

The goal is to defend the Reliquary from the waves of threats that are looking to destroy it. To aid you in your defense are Exodampers. These towers will weaken your enemy while they are active, but if destroyed will strengthen them with randomized buffs until the Exodampers respawn. While not essential, without your Exodampers, your enemy can focus fire on the Reliquary. If your enemies succeed in destroying it, you will be forced to accept defeat and return back to the Chrysalith. As the chaos grows, Void manifestations will attempt to drain the Reliquary using Void energy. You can track how much of the Reliquary has been drained using the percentage icon above it. If the Reliquary is fully drained, you will have failed your mission. Destroyed or drained, you must fight to prevent the Reliquary from meeting either fates.

Void Armageddon consists of Rounds and Waves:

If you fail to protect your Exodampers, they will remain destroyed until the next round.

Grineer and Corpus will be the least of your worries the longer you defend, as Void manifestations appear every three waves and will stand in your way between completing rounds. Traditional combat will be necessary to make a dent, but your skills as your Operator are crucial to defeating this foe. If you succeed in this fight, you and your squad (those within Affinity range of the enemy when defeated) will be rewarded with Focus Points as well as a high-tier Voidplume which must be picked up.

Completing one round of Void Armageddon will unlock extraction, but enemies will continue to attack until you can fight no longer.

You aren’t alone in your efforts. By taking advantage of the Zariman’s built-in defenses, you can utilize strategically placed Armaments – specialized turrets. They can be used to hold off the onslaught of enemies at all angles, but must be constructed first. To build these turrets, locate and capture Argozene Drops, which will provide the Argozene to construct them. To unlock a Drop, you must stand within the indicated zone around it and wait until the box is fully enveloped with energy – at which point it will open and shower you with the crafting material. Argozene is also dropped from fallen enemies. Collected Argozene is shared amongst your squad, so coordinating with them will be required to optimize your strategy.

As long as you have the required Argozene, you can choose from a variety of Armaments to craft:

While they don’t last forever, they can be the difference between losing and keeping your Exodampers and the Reliquary alive. Turret types can quickly be selected by using the default ability cast bindings (1-2-3-4 on PC, and RB+ABXY on controller) while in the selection screen. Custom bindings for abilities will also work!EXTERMINATE (HALAKO PERIMETER) & MOBILE DEFENSE (THE GREENWAY)

In addition to these new mission types, Exterminate and Mobile Defense nodes are also available on the Zariman!

In Exterminate, you are tasked with destroying the Corpus or Grineer crews that are rummaging around where they shouldn’t be. Take on the classic mission type while navigating the Void-infested Zariman ship. Not all is the same though, as every 30 enemies killed will spawn a Thrax enemy-type.

In Mobile Defense, you must restore the Zariman’s systems that were overcome by the Jump Incident, and defend them while your allies purge out the Void. For the Corpus and Grineer, it is key that the Zariman stay where it is. They will do everything in their power to prevent the Tenno from getting the Zariman’s full power back online. Alongside Corpus and Grineer enemies, a multiple Thrax enemy-types will come to assist in the fight.

General Zariman Mission Notes:


A collection of Weapons originally used for ceremonial purposes have become deadly machines after being affected by the Void. They evolve, as does most of what the Void touches.

In the Chrysalith, you’ll meet a character who will teach you the ways of these Incarnon Weapons and how to evolve them based on challenges you complete in-game. With each Evolution you unlock, you can pick your weapon’s upgrades from a variety of options, or re-spec as you wish!

Incarnon Weapons 101:

1. Acquire an Incarnon Weapon:

Blueprints for the following Incarnon Weapons are available from a vendor in the Chrysalith’s Offerings:


Orokin elites admired farmers in conquered regions, because they had learned to fight with modified farming tools despite being forbidden to own weapons. For their voyage, the Zariman were presented with Praedos in recognition of Zariman tenacity. The Void reinforces the strength of the spirited individual by fortifying the Praedos.


Zariman colonists originally intended to use the Phenmor in burial rights. In Orokin society, the higher the rank, the greater number of volleys for the deceased. Its stock is carved from Phenaureus Pine, a tree designed to release seedlings only onto scorched earth. In the hands of the Void, the Phenmor becomes darkly aggressive.


During parades and victory marches, the Laetum fired pigmented airburst rounds that rained onto festive crowds. The Orokin sent Laetum with the Zariman so they could properly celebrate a successful maiden voyage to Tau. There would be no such celebration, but the Void imbued the Laetum with a much more explosive capacity.2. Unlock Evolutions by Completing Challenges:

Once you have crafted and equipped an Incarnon Weapon in your Arsenal, its Evolution slots and the challenges associated with unlocking become visible while viewing it in the Arsenal.

Completing the required challenge unlocks that slot, which can then be modified by returning to the vendor in the Chrysalith to select the attributes you’d like to apply.

3. Apply Upgrades to your Incarnon Weapon:

Visit the vendor in the Chrysalith and select the ‘Evolve Incarnon Weapons’ option. You must have the Incarnon Weapon equipped for you to Evolve it. If you have multiple Incarnon Weapons, a selection window will pop up for you to choose the weapon you wish to Evolve. If you do not have any equipped, you can open the pause menu and select ‘Arsenal’ while in the Chrysalith to equip them from there without having to go back to your Orbiter.

Once you have selected an Incarnon Weapon to evolve, you will be presented with this screen:

There are a total of 5 Evolutions for any Incarnon Weapon. Each other these Evolution Slots offer their own set of upgrades to unlock.

Evolution I: Incarnon Transmutation

The first Evolution unlocks the Weapon’s Incarnon Transmutation! Which completely alters the look and mechanics of the weapon:




Incarnon Transmutation is achieved by building up charge in-mission based on completion of the weapon’s specified task:

The task can be viewed by hovering over the Incarnon Transmutation slot while viewing the weapon in the Arsenal or in the ‘Evolve Incarnon Weapons’ option.

When there is any amount of charge (indicated by the meter in the reticle for the Phenmor and Laetum, and a FX pulse on the Praedos), Incarnon Transmutation can be activated by using alt fire (Phenmor and Laetum) or Heavy Attack (Praedos). That same meter will drain as you use the weapon in its Incarnon Transmutation.

When fully drained it will automatically revert back to its default mode. Incarnon Transmutation can also be manually reverted at any time by using alt fire again while active. Reverting a weapon back from its Incarnon Transmutation will expend its remaining charge.

Evolution II – V: Upgrades

After unlocking Incarnon Transmutation, the Evolutions that follow offer 3 upgrades per slot that are interchangeable and can be swapped at any time at the vendor in the Chrysalith.

You can view your Incarnon Weapons selected upgrades and challenges in your Arsenal.

4. Build Around Your Evolution Upgrades:

Incarnon Weapons can be modded like any other weapon in the Arsenal, so build your loadouts around your Evolution upgrades and try new combinations for maximum output!

*Note: Stat comparisons for Incarnon Weapons when swapping upgrades in the ‘Evolve Incarnon Weapons’ Screen in the Chrysalith will be coming in a hotfix. And Incarnon Weapons are intentionally skinnable only in their non-Incarnon Transmutation form. A fix will be coming for this in the future. NEW ARCANES

The Incarnon Weapon vendor in the Chrysalith also offers 10 new Arcanes in their Offerings! They also have a chance of dropping from defeated Thrax and Void Manifestation enemies.

*Stats shown are Rank 5

Molt Efficiency (Warframe)While Shields Are Active: Gain 6% Ability Duration per second, up to a maximum of 36%.

Molt Vigor (Warframe)On Operator Ability: 45% Ability Strength on next Warframe Ability cast.

Cascadia Overcharge (Warframe) While Overshields Active: +300% Critical Chance.

Emergence Renewed (Operator)On Energy Depleted: Increase Energy Regeneration by 300% over 5s. Cooldown: 30s

Emergence Savior (Operator)On Lethal Damage: Become invulnerable for 5s and recover 60% Health. Cooldown: 90s.

Eternal Eradicate (Operator) On Operator Ability: +60% Damage for Amps for 8s.

Emergence Dissipate (Operator)On Void Sling: Press the fire input during Void Sling to dissipate the endpoint in a 10m radius. Enemies hit have a 100% chance to create a short lived Void Mote that replenishes 10 Energy on pick up.

Fractalized Reset (Primary) On Ability cast: +240% Reload Speed for 5s.

Cascadia Accuracy (Secondary) On Roll: +300% Critical Chance on Headshots for 4s.

Cascadia Empowered (Secondary)On Status Effect: Deals an extra +750 damage matching the damage type of the Status Effect.


Rebuild a home within the Zariman with your very own Dormizone! Located in the lower levels of the Chrysalith, your humble abode awaits. All players who have completed the Angels of the Zariman quest will have their very own Dormizone set up with a dining area, tons of shelf space and a spacious lounge to hang out in. This new accommodation can be accessed from the elevator in the Chrysalith or directly from navigation on the Star Chart.

You may recognize the entrance of your apartment from a pivotal moment in The New War quest. The Dormizone is similar to the Orbiter in that it is your own personal space to customize how you see fit. You can bring your favorite decorations from your Orbiter and outfit this space and give it your own touch.

* Please note that the Orbiter and Dormizone do share your decorations inventory so placing an item in one location means you cannot also place it in the other unless you have more than one of that item.

If you are looking for some new things to adorn your abode with then you will want to talk to a vendor in the Chrysalith near the elevator taking you down to your Dormizone. This vendor provides a plethora of Zariman-themed decorations that you can get in exchange for Standing. In addition to decorations, this Chrysalith vendor carries 15 new Captura scenes featuring various areas across the Zariman. The Zariman’s resident gardener, ‘Vegetation and Environment Regulation Drone – Independent Element’ or ‘VERD-IE’ for short, is available as an adorable Skin, Mask, Tail, and Wings for your Sentinels.

For those who want the maximum amount of real estate, the Chrysalith vendor can give you the key for your own observatory-like penthouse called the Vista Suite. All you need to do is attain the Rank of Angel with the new Syndicate and provide the necessary Standing.

Dormizones add four new spaces to showcase your trophies, displays, and more! In addition to the three rooms of the Dormizone, you are also free to decorate the landing area from where you exit the elevator leading up to and around the entrance of your apartment. Similar to your Orbiter, Dormizones do have a decoration capacity limit based on the size of each space. Did we mention that your Companions can freely roam around as well? Bring them with you since they have their own place within the Dormizone area and we are sure they would enjoy the change in scenery.

Unique to the Vista Suite is a window outlook that provides exceptional views of space and void energy, but can also be customized using interchangeable views called Vistagraphs. These picturesque scenes can also be further enhanced by selecting an Audioscape to accompany them with. Will you be lost among the sounds of the Sands of Mars, or will the tranquility of Oasis provide a quiet respite from your battles? Both Vistagraphs and Audioscapes can be purchased for Platinum. At launch there will be four Vistagraphs and ten Audioscapes to choose from.



With all this new space to showcase your creativity don’t forget to invite your squad over to check out your pad. Players in your squad can visit your Dormizone as long as you are the Host and they have also completed the Angels of the Zariman quest. Dormizones are Host respective, which means that traveling to a Dormizone in a squad will land you in the Host’s. When you are ready to return to missions or decide to leave the Dormizone, then the Host needs to leave to bring the entire squad back to the main floor of the Chrysalith or back to your Orbiters. So bring your friends, Tenno, and unwind in your new home.

*Unlike the [spoiler] Camp or your Orbiter, the Navigation menu is not available in the Dormizone. However, you can still use the Equipment menu options to access your Arsenal, customize your Operator, or even check your Inventory. This is truly a place where you want to unwind away from the pressures of the Origin System! This is only the beginning of your interactions with the Dormizone, Tenno, more will come in the future.


The Void Jump transmogrified lifeforms and materials alike. In the Void’s clutches, even threads were imbued with adaptive properties. Suddenly, Zariman uniforms seemed to change from cloth, to stone, to metal, to liquid and back again as if of their own free will. The colonists realized materials had manifested new chemical structures, and a character you have yet to meet soon learned to control the transformations. Voidshell imbues cosmetics with the morphic material created in the Void Jump.

Introducing a brand new customization system that allows you to change the Material Structures on Voidshell Skins. There are Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Accent slots that can be swapped to materials of your choosing. They can also be color customized for the ultimate tailored look!

In this update, we are debuting the first round of Voidshell Skins featuring Saryn, Volt, and Rhino! Each of these following skins are available in the in-game Market and come with their own Material Structure:

Saryn Voidshell Collection

Adorn Saryn in the morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump. This collection includes the Saryn Voidshell Skin and Spore Print, a material structure for exclusive use on Voidshell skins.

Volt Voidshell CollectionAdorn Volt in the morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump. This collection includes the Volt Voidshell Skin and Crimzian Opulence, a material structure for exclusive use on Voidshell skins.

Rhino Voidshell CollectionAdorn Rhino in the morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump. This collection includes the Rhino Voidshell Skin and Titanium Sheen, a material structure for exclusive use on Voidshell skins.

Voidshell Skin Material Structures: These textiles are imbued with the Zariman spirit of discovery, innovation, and comradery. They are the reification of nostalgia for a bygone era. Material Structures can be used across all of your Voidshell Skins and offer a plethora of new customization looks!The following Material Structures are automatically available in your Arsenal for all of your Voidshell Skins:

If you wish to grow your Material Structures collection, they can be earned by using Standing to purchase the following options at a vendor in the Chrysalith:

Additional Material Structures can also be purchased with the Hombask’s Voidshell Bundle in the in-game Market. Don morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump. The collection includes fifteen Material Structures:

*These Material Structures can also be purchased separately in the in-game Market or directly from your Arsenal while customizing your Voidshell skin.

These Voidshell Material Structures can only be used on the specialized Voidshell cosmetics. Tenno will not be able to use these materials on other Skins they own.

Focus School themed Material Structures are also available for purchase using Focus Points in the Represent option once you have fully maxed a school. More on this in the Focus changes section below!

NEW WARFRAME: GYREGyre embodies elegant theory. Annihilate enemies with the conductivity of coils and transmitters. She also has her very own custom dodge animation!

PASSIVE Gyre’s abilities have a 10% chance to deal critical damage for each Electrical status that affects the enemy.

ARCSPHERELaunch a Gyratory Sphere that will deal high damage on impact and periodically deal electrical shocks to nearby enemies. Hit multiple enemies at once with the initial launch to enhance damage.

COIL HORIZONThrow forward a Gyratory Sphere that will implode after a few seconds or can be manually triggered.

*Coil Horizon is Gyre’s Helminth Ability!

CATHODE GRACEGain a brief burst of increased Critical Chance and Energy Regen, with each kill extending duration. Casting is on a cooldown.

ROTORSWELLGyre’s mechanisms spin at incredible speeds, generating an Electric Field that shocks nearby enemies. When Gyre gets a critical hit, a large electrical discharge will chain from the enemy that was hit to nearby enemies.

*Gyre’s ability crit buffs only apply to her own abilities, they do not apply to Helminth abilities.

Gyre is available for purchase in the in-game Market or earn her components from the Zariman Bounty rewards.

GYRE’S SIGNATURE WEAPON: ALTERNOXGyre’s signature weapon has two fire modes. Primary fire shocks enemies with electrical orbs. Alternate fire is a large ball of electricity that sticks to any surface and pulses Electricity before it explodes. In Gyre’s hands, the weapon has a small amount of multishot.

The Alternox is available for purchase via the in-game Market or earn its Blueprint through the Zariman Bounty rewards.

GYRE AUTOMATION HELMETComplete the circuit with this alternate helmet for Gyre!

Purchase the Gyre Automaton Helmet from the in-game Market! The Blueprint will be added to the Nightwave Cred Offerings Store in a future update.

TRIODIC SYANDANAAmplify your look with Gyre’s signature Syandana.

The Triodic Syandana is available for purchase via the in-game Market.

GYRE COLLECTIONThe conductive path to Gyre’s core. This collection includes the Gyre Warframe, Gyre Automaton Helmet, Alternox Rifle, Triodic Syandana, and Gyratory Sphere Decoration.

The Gyre Collection is available for purchase via the in-game Market.

Gyre’s default Glyphs are also available for purchase via Main Menu > Profile > Glyph.


Weave, cleave, and reap with a brand new Heavy Scythe Stance and weapon.

Galeforce Dawn can be earned in Zariman missions and can be dropped from Kuva Trokarian and Derivator Crewman enemies. Visit the public drop tables for full details.


This Heavy Scythe echoes battles of another time. It is far more a weapon of sheer force than one of finesse.

The Hespar can be purchased via the in-game Market or earn its Blueprint through the Zariman Bounty rewards and its Component Blueprints in the endless Zariman mission rewards.


This unusual automatic rifle feels strangely familiar and has two fire modes. Primary fire packs radiation damage. Alternate fire charges up to launch an explosive projectile.

The Aeolak can be purchased via the in-game Market or earn its Blueprint through the Zariman Bounty rewards and its Component Blueprints in the endless Zariman mission rewards. ANGELS OF THE ZARIMAN SUPPORTER PACKS

Venture into the dark Void of the Zariman with a fully reinforced Arsenal! Unleash electric fury as the newest Warframe, Gyre; unlock a bounty of new Customizations with Voidshell Warframe Skins; and master brand-new Weapons as you bring light to the dark and deadly Zariman.

Angels of the Zariman Emergence Pack Includes:

Angels of the Zariman Chrysalith Pack Includes:

Items marked with a * are exclusive to this pack for a limited time. In an effort to continue to make Supporter packs more player-friendly, everything else listed can either be purchased separately from the in-game Market for Platinum or can be earned (Gyre, Weapons, Vasero Sekhara & the Galeforce Dawn Stance Mod).


Ferocity meets dangerous elegance with this Valkyr Deluxe Collection. Paralyze enemies with a brutal mix of metal and muscle with a new Valkyr Deluxe Skin created by concept artist Liger. Rip and tear in high-fashion with a complimentary Deluxe Fist Melee Skin, Armor Set, and Valkyr Deluxe Animation Sets all available from the in-game Market.

DREYRIC FIST MELEE SKIN This beautifully brutal design will compliment any blood on your knuckles.

ALASTORN ARMORUnleash your fury in armor that befits the most dedicated berserker.


This instrument belonged to a much-loved member of the Zariman, who would often cheer up her companions with it. With its mysterious synthesizer tones from the edge of the Void, it’s sure to give you the tools to relive those days.

Kira’s Shawzin is available for purchase via the in-game Market. [SPOILER] ORDIS SENTINEL SKIN

Cephalon Ordis has always delighted in talking with the Operator. Now he can delight in accompanying the Operator in any situation.

The Ordis Sentinel Skin is available for purchase via the in-game Market if you have completed The New War quest.


Focus School is in session! The Focus System is getting an extensive rework to refresh the gameplay potential of Operators, movement, School identity and balance.


Focus has been a lot of things over the years. What started in 2015 as a pivotal decision moment in Warframe’s story has continually evolved into its own form of gameplay: Convergence was introduced alongside Focus Lenses to give players an added boost to collecting Focus, Update 22: Plains of Eidolon shook the system up to add new Focus School nodes and Way-Bound abilities, and Update 22.6 attempted to bring the 5 schools’ power levels closer together with numerous abilities reworked.

At its core, Focus aimed to be an exciting new path to enjoy Warframe from the lens of another character. What we’ve come to realize over the many years is that there was a lack of true synergy between Operator and Warframe. We hope to change that while also bringing something fresh to the table!OPERATOR GAMEPLAY REWORK OVERVIEW

The Operator Gameplay and Focus School reworks aim to improve the flow between Warframe gameplay and Operator gameplay, with the goal of encouraging players to swap more frequently between their Operator and Warframe to maximize the benefits received from both gameplay systems.

As with all our major system overhauls, we encourage you to give it some time in your own hands before delivering your constructive feedback!

For Operator Gameplay specifically, these changes come in three major ways: first, the introduction of Void Sling; secondly, re-engineering Operators to be Client-authoritative to reduce jank caused by latency issues related to the mission host; thirdly, removal of Void Blast to allow Melee inputs to cause automatic Transference from Operator to Warframe.

Void Sling is the intended replacement of Void Dashes as a more fun and controllable system. In full transparency, the current state of sustained Void Dash movement has a spam-centric loop that we want to refine. We are very much approaching this like how we added Bullet Jump to Parkour: we want movement to be king, but better controlled. Current Void Dash does not provide easily controlled movement in the typical gameplay spaces. We are aiming to strike a balance to ensure good distance can still be covered, but some re-mastery will be required of this new movement system (much like having to learn Bullet Jumping)!

Additionally, Operator Transference has been re-engineered to be Client-authoritative to alleviate the common scenario of latency. Previously, Transference was Host-authoritative, meaning when Clients used Transference the responsiveness was determined by the round trip network latency. In order for the new Void Sling functionality to be more responsive, the switch was made to be Client-authoritative.

Void Dash to Void Sling

The Operator sends a Void Sling of themselves and then Void Slings to it. It is the Operator’s ‘Double Jump’. *After its debut on Devstream #160 and following further playtesting, the team has since increased the overall speed of the Operator’s Void Sling thanks to feedback.

Void Blast to Warframe Melee TransferMelee input while using your Operator will now instantly Transfer to your Warframe and perform a Melee attack.


The Focus School rework aims to boost the lesser used Schools by a) giving them more interesting and useful abilities, b) defining a clear role and gameplay style for each school, and c) incentivizing Warframe-Operator Transference as part of the core gameplay loop.

General Notes:

*All the values below for Focus School nodes are shown at max rank.


The Madurai way follows the path of Engage the Enemy. Speed and savagery characterized the Madurai school.

Madurai’s abilities focus on granting that offensive edge in combat with a combination of Damage increases, weapon efficiency, and Speed enhancements to recklessly attack your foes.


The Unairu push themselves to Outlast The Enemy. Those who mastered the Unairu school are granted enhanced damage resistance and damage reflection.

Unairu’s main pillar aims to make Unairu a proper tank Focus School with increased Armor, and opportunities for increased immunity and survivability.


The Zenurik believed the clearest path to victory was to Dominate the Enemy. Those who master the Zenurik school believe that sheer strength could erase any resistance.

Rest assured the core of Energizing Dash remains as-is with some slight updates. Our goal is to bring other Focus Schools up to the level of Zenurik while still maintaining the School’s tactical benefits.


The Naramon discipline focuses on Knowing The Enemy. They believed that to truly understand a foe would confer the greatest advantage upon a warrior.

True to its focus in the art of assault, Naramon continues to heavily lean towards a Melee support role with speed and distance enhancements.


The Vazarin are trained to Counter The Enemy. Those who mastered the Vazarin school maintain constant awareness in order to defend against all aggression.

The Vazarin Focus School aims to now be a proper support School in both life and death.

Focus Refund & Re-spec

Upon login, all Focus points will need to be re-spec’d. You will be met with 2 types of Focus Refunds in order to execute this:

While re-investing your Focus into the updated Focus Nodes, you might see a difference in Node costs and School costs depending on which Way you follow. Overall, the total Focus required should be very similar (if not slightly cheaper) than the old system, but costs are now standardized across Schools and Nodes. When re-spec’ing, make sure you use your old Pool investment that was refunded via Radiant Shards, as the previous Pool cost has been rolled into the new Node values.

If you had maxed out a School before this update, you should be able to now as well using the re-spec’d Focus points and refunded Radiant Shards — or at least very close to it, as some Schools (ex: Vazarin and Naramon) used to be cheaper than others.

To recap, if you have invested in the Focus system, upon login you will receive an inbox message with the following:

Operator UI Changes


Equipment menu

Appearance menu

Focus menu


We have reworked one of our oldest foes in the game: Eximus units! Introduced in Update 12, Eximus units were added as ‘Enemy Leaders,’ meant to bolster their allies with improved stats and support abilities. While that core design intention still rings true, we felt it was time they were given a refresh to bring them up to speed both in terms of their gameplay and their appearance in-game. Dress for success, especially when you’re a top enemy in the field.

We’ve also put together a handy Dev Workshop video that provides a broad overview of the changes listed here:

The main objective of this Eximus Rework is to make them stand out more in battle, both in how they function and in how formidable they are to face against. We aim to achieve this in 2 ways:

These two shifts for Eximus units should make them more challenging to kill, but also make their specific threats easier to identify, giving players a more tactical way to evade them.

To amplify the Eximus threat and increase the time-to-kill we’ve made tweaks to their:

Currently, the different Eximus types have slightly different resistances and combat advantages. For instance, Arson Eximus will reduce Fire Damage taken; Leech Eximus will add extra Puncture Damage to its damage dealt. These stat changes are invisible to a player and don’t really have any noticeable impact on gameplay. Instead of keeping unique but forgettable specific resistances to Eximus units, we’re adding a new universal type of Eximus resistance and tweaking the way their Health, Shields & Armor scale across the board to turn them into more formidable adversaries.

Warframe Power Resistance: Introducing Overguard

Eximus units now have a new kind of defense called Overguard, which is a new Health pool on top of their regular stats that a) must be removed before players can take down their Health/Shields, and b) offers additional immunities to the Eximus, making them a priority target in-missions.

While Overguard is active, it will keep Eximus units immune to Warframe crowd control abilities and anything that will stagger, knockdown, stun, mind control, ragdoll, and blind. Additionally, Overguarded enemies will be unaffected by Radiation Status Effects and will be susceptible to a maximum of 4 Cold Status Effects at one time. However, Overguard is particularly susceptible to Void damage (including Xaku’s Xata’s Whisper), which will overall improve the flow and synergy between Warframe and Operator combat flow when engaging with Eximus units. This will encourage you to engage with them more interactively as opposed to easily overpowering them with abilities alone. It should shift the focus of fighting Eximus units to using a mixture of weapons and teamwork, and make Eximus units feel like more of a true threat to Warframes.

Overguard is an additive amount independent of Enemies Health/Shield scaling, and is indicated with a bar overtop of their existing Health/Shields. With the goal of making Eximus units more consistent in terms of difficulty, Overguard will scale by level but will be the same amount across all Eximus enemy types.

Once an Eximus has their Overguard taken out, they will be fully susceptible to crowd control abilities. Once taken out, Overguard does not regenerate! An important note for Hound Companions Null Audit functionality: Hounds will now copy Eximus Auras, as opposed to stealing. If an Eximus with active Overguard is struck by a Hound wielding a copied Eximus ability, they will strip the Eximus’ Overguard by 50%.

Overguard was introduced as a means to make Eximus units feel more formidable, while also providing Tenno a way to crush their defenses with some solid teamwork and concentrated firepower.

With the addition of Overguard, we’ve updated the scope of which abilities are considered to be crowd control. Note that these abilities will still do their intended damage — it is only the crowd-control effect of the abilities that won’t apply while Overguard is present.

Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive to all Warframe abilities that Overguard is resistant to, simply ones that we are now considering Crowd Control as of this update.Limbo’s Rift & EximusLimbo can still send Eximus to the Rift plane where their damage will be avoided, but Eximus Abilities will now ignore the Rift plane.

Overguard: Banshee’s SilenceBanshee’s Silence will now negate any active Eximus abilities and prevent any Eximus abilities from being cast while it is active. Guardian Eximus Shields (and their AOE resistance), Toxin Clouds from Venomous Eximus, or the Arctic Dome from the Arctic Eximus will all be disabled.

Overguard: Ancient HealersCurrently, Ancient Healers provide a 90% damage reduction to their allies in range and increased resistance to crowd control abilities. Visually, this is only indicated by a pulsing glow on buffed enemies in range. This is often confusing if you don’t already know that the crowd control resistance and damage reduction is being applied from Ancient Healers.

We have changed Ancient Healers to provide allies in range with Overguard that is applied at 9x their overall Health. This value simply matches the current level of damage reduction and crowd control resistance provided by Ancient Healers, but with Overguard it will now provide a clear visual indicator that the enemies are being boosted by their Ancient ally!

Overguard can be taken out on enemies bolstered by Ancient Healers through a few different ways:

Unlike Ancient Healer Eximus, non-Eximus Ancient Healers provide Overguard to allies in range but do not have it themselves. Overguard from Ancient Healers will not apply and stack with innate Eximus Overguard. Also, friendly Ancient Healers (such as Specters) will not be providing Overguard on players in this rework, but this functionality may come in a future update!Health, Shield & Armor scalingHealth, Shields, and Armor for Eximus now all scale faster at higher levels up to a point, where it eventually flattens out and doesn’t scale exponentially, giving them a boost to their overall tankiness. Our intent here is to give a slight boost to enemies like Butchers more than Heavy Gunners, and to make difficulty more consistent across enemy types. A Heavy Gunner will still be tougher than a Butcher might be, but the gap between the two will be much closer than if it was affected by a traditional flat multiplier. Across the board, this should make the difficulty of any given Eximus more consistent regardless of enemy type. Note these changes are only for Eximus units, their regular counterparts will retain the same scaling tech.

Armor will also have a similar method of scaling, by boosting low-armored enemies more than high-armored enemies it will help close that difficulty gap between enemy types. For enemies without Armor, they will get additional Health and Shields outside of the regular Eximus scaling to compensate.

As a result, Eximus overall should feel beefier, scale faster at a higher level, and be more consistent across different enemy types.

Visual & Mechanical Enhancements: We also want to make Eximus stand out more, so we gave unique visual identifiers for each type of Eximus! They now each have their own blend of distinct audio and visual FX that will help you identify them more easily in combat, and also give you a better way to recognize their Eximus type and tactically evade their abilities. As a general note for Eximus, they will only spawn their Eximus effect once they’ve been alerted to combat. For those Tenno that prefer stealth gameplay, this is a great opportunity to get a stealth finisher on an unalerted Eximus to take them out before they pose a threat.Supported Eximus Type per Faction:We’ve made changes to widen the eligibility pool of certain Eximus types – all with supporting casting animations:

General Pool for all Factions: Arctic, Blitz, Energy Leech, Leech, and ShockCorpus Specific: GuardianGrineer Specific: ArsonInfested Specific: Venomous

Corrupted versions will use the same pools as their original faction (so Corrupted Ancients could use Venomous, and Corrupted Lancer could use Arson). Additionally, Roller Eximus will now be available as only Energy Leech or Health Leech Eximus due to gameplay functionality.

Archwing EximusArchwing Eximus units will not receive Overguard. It is mainly being excluded because Archwing combat is more limited in the ways that you’d be able to take out Overguard. Archwing gear itself does slightly less damage than its ground counterpart and has a smaller pool of crowd control abilities. Overall, we believe it to be a better fit to simply update the Eximus abilities and effects, but leave Overguard for the ground Eximus.

New Eximus Mercy FunctionalityAs a part of the Eximus Rework, we have also updated the condition to Mercy Kill certain Eximus that did not have this in the past!

Here is a list of the new Eximus types that can be finished with Mercy Kills:

In addition, we have fixed all Crawler Eximus units so they can now cast their respective Eximus abilities! Watch out for your toes, Tenno.

Below is a list of each Eximus type and a comparison of their current vs reworked versions:


WasA Seismic Shockwave knockdown with short range.

NEWBlitz Eximus units now summon a frontal chain Blast attack by slamming their fist into the ground, applying a knockdown and Blast Status Effect. This Blast attack is signaled by an audio cue and FX of the oncoming Blast erupting from below.

Visual ChangesBlitz Eximus units are now covered in crackling energy, with the addition of small staggered explosions coming from their limbs.


WasAn invisible aura that drains Energy over time.

NEWEnergy Leech and Parasitic Eximus units now periodically spawn an Energy Leech Zone near the player. The Energy Leech Zone is detonated within seconds, draining a large amount of Energy if not tactically avoided. This Zone is identified by an expanding energy zone and audible cue on placement & detonation.

Visual ChangesEnergy Leech and Parasitic Eximus units now appear shrouded in Void-like energy, manifesting in short tendrils swirling from their body. The Energy Leech Zone spawns with a matching energy style and appearance before imploding in a burst.


WasA concussive Fire Blast attack that knockdowns and damages enemies caught in its wake.

NEWArson Eximus units maintain a Fire Blast attack, but you can now counter the Fire Blast by simply rolling through it to negate its oncoming effect. However, Damage is now higher along with a forced Heat Status Effect when struck.

Visual ChangesArson Eximus units are now completely engulfed in roaring flames. They occasionally send out these deadly flames in all directions as a slow rolling burst. The Fire Blast attack has been visually refreshed to not only match the fire FX engulfing the Eximus unit, but also to represent a “roaring wave” of fire as opposed to a blinding wall.


WasA radial shield charge pulse for allied enemies in range.

NEWGuardian Eximus now provide significant damage reduction to its allies (your enemies!), which is indicated by a collection of smaller shields circling around them.The Guardian Eximus units have 3 rotating shields that fully block incoming damage on themselves, and also create a similar visual effect on nearby allies that applies a Damage Reduction buff on them. This damage reduction does not affect VIP enemies such as Demolysts, Capture targets, or Bosses, and does not stack with other friendly Guardian Eximus. However, it will affect other Eximus units within a range! Additionally, Guardian Eximus will only spawn their Shields when alerted. For the stealthy Tenno, sneak up on them and use a finisher before their defenses are up!

Important Note on Guardian Eximus related to AOE attacks: Guardian eximus shields are immune to punch through, and Guardians have very high resistance to AOE damage for themself. Units protected by the Guardian’s aura are not immune to punch through nor do they have any special resistance to AOE, just the generic 90% resistance to everything.

Visual ChangesGuardian Eximus units now exhibit 3 large blue rotating shields. These shields have visible gaps between them, offering multiple opportunity windows to shoot your foe. Allies with Overguard applied now display a simpler version of the shields with similar rendering but with a different shape to avoid confusion. The smaller shields on buffed allies do not physically block damage like their Eximus counterpart, but act as a visual indicator that Damage reduction is being applied.

Corpus Guardian Eximus exclusion: Ospreys We are omitting Corpus Ospreys from Guardian Eximus eligibility for a couple reasons. With their impenetrable rotating shields, Guardian Eximus are more susceptible to melee attacks – which are far trickier to land on flying Ospreys. Similarly, Mercy attacks are one of the best ways to take down an Eximus, which can’t be executed on Ospreys. Simply put, we felt having Ospreys as Guardian Eximus felt too challenging without the familiar takedown tactics available.


WasA large protective globe of ice.

NEWNo changes.

Visual ChangesThe globe does the job already!


WasLife steal from player on damage, but this is negligible due to the scale of Player vs enemy Health.

NEWSimilar to their Energy counterparts, Leech Eximus now spawn Health Leech Zones which tick away at your Health shortly after spawning, healing nearby enemies. Players need to avoid the Zones to avoid the effect!

Visual ChangesLeech Eximus units glow red with a pulsing vortex of energy generated from its core. The Eximus sends out a small zone of the same energy which quickly pulses as it drains a portion of your Health. Killing the Eximus or downing it into a Mercy state will disrupt any active health leech zones.


We have added a new Eximus variant by allowing Infested enemies to now become imbued with electric energy! Introducing: Bio-Electric Eximus, the newest Infested Eximus threatens to shock any Tenno to their senses if they fail to evade the Infested Eximus or their lethal homing electric orbs.

WasA small electrical Damage Over Time area. This is difficult to notice until hit with an Electric Status Effect.

NEWShock Eximus/Bio-Electric Eximus spawn 3 electrical orbs that will hover in place for a few seconds, dealing increasing electrical damage around the Eximus before being released and homing in on the Player. The damage from these electrical orbs scale with level and deal sustained electric damage when chained to you, but no longer deal an Electric Status Effect. Killing the Eximus or putting it into a Mercy state will destroy any active Orbs.

Visual ChangesShock Eximus have mini versions of the electrical orbs orbiting around them, while they also appear to be covered and crackling with electricity.


WasA small Toxin area. Similar to shock Eximus, but Toxin damage is more lethal since it lingers on players.

NEWVenomous Eximus units become surrounded by a swirling volume of Toxic gas upon being alerted. Coming into contact with the gas will inflict a Toxin Status Effect. Now, only enemy melee units can become venomous Eximus units. Stay clear of their impending noxious fumes!

Visual ChangesVenomous Eximus are tightly shrouded in toxic fumes. Upon being alerted, these fumes expand into a zone surrounding the Eximus in a deadly haze.


To accompany the increased threat from Eximus units, we’ve further boosted the Affinity gained from killing them by +200%. Additionally, Eximus units now drop Credits and Endo at an increased rate. This will consistently scale as well for their Steel Path counterparts on top of the usual rare chance of a Riven Sliver!


Caution Tenno, there’s a heavy unit approaching… New Player Experience: Quality Of Life Changes

Clan Recruitment Changes

Do you hear that Tenno? Maroo is calling. She’s got some great intel on where to find new Clan members. We have added some new features to Clan recruitment to supplement finding Clans and attracting new members.

Clans can now post ads by visiting Maroo in her Bazaar or accessing their Clan Menu and paying Maroo an administrative fee using resources from your Clan Vault. Each week, Maroo will be in need of a different resource for her own ‘endeavors’ and in exchange she will put the word out for you. These ads will appear in the updated Clan Menu under ‘Search for Clan’.

Clans can leave a brief description about their Clan’s interests and also add flags to help prospective members filter ads. These flags include:

Clan ads are displayed for 8 hours and then expire. During this time, prospective members can apply for a Clan and send a message to anyone with the new ‘Advertiser’ role for review and approval. If your Clan reaches maximum member capacity while your ad is live then your ad will be hidden until it expires or if you are no longer at capacity. If you apply to multiple Clans, then the first Clan to accept you will be your new family and all other applications will be immediately withdrawn.

Like many other areas where you are able to provide a custom message, players can report a Clan ad if it violates any of our Terms of Service, Code of Conduct, or leads to any form of discrimination or harassment of other players. Recruit to your heart’s content, Tenno, but as always we ask that you keep Warframe a welcoming space for all.

This new feature is not meant to replace the ways that Tenno connect, but rather add a streamlined avenue to find and connect with others. For more on this feature, please read our post here:

Maggot Decorations

A new Decoration has arrived and we are crawling with excitement. Nidus’ Maggot is now available in the Market as a Decoration for your Orbiter. You can adopt this adorable Infested creeper today and watch as it scuttles around. When we released Nidus Prime Access back on September 8th, 2021 we had originally hoped to include the prime versions of his Infested creepers as an additional ship Decoration.

For those Tenno who purchased the Parasitic Link Pack, Ravenous Pack, and Nidus Prime Accessories Pack on PC, we will be delivering by script the Prime version of Nidus’ Maggot. Due to how Prime Access & Prime Accessories are offered on consoles, to ensure parity those who purchased the Parasitic Link or Prime Accessories will receive 1 Prime Maggot and those who purchased the Ravenous Pack will receive 2 Prime Maggots via this script. These packs will also be updated for future purchases to include the Prime Maggot Decoration.

Audio Reverb Changes:

Our sound team has made several changes to reverb across the game thanks to a new system! This nifty new tech automatically places reverb in level zones instead of the hand placing that used to happen in every tile. This allows us to get better results because it takes into account area size and area materials. It also includes preset reverb containers that can have more types of reverb that are better suited to each area.

For example: A small, narrow vent space that opens to a small room that then opens to a larger room can each have their own custom reverb based on the size and material type of each room. Instead of hand placing each of the three reverbs, the engine is now smart enough to take into account each of the rooms automatically. This allows for greater specificity because it measures the size of each room.

This also has a performance benefit, as it enables only the required reverb sample to be loaded as needed, instead of loading all of them when a level first loads. This ultimately saves memory and allows the levels to load a bit faster!Additions:

UI Changes:

Plains of Eidolon Thumper Changes & Fixes:

DirectX 12 Performance and Optimizations:

Ongoing work continues on our DirectX12 render mode!

In this update, DirectX 12 runs up to 25% faster than it used to for high performance PCs. Most modern systems will run the game in DirectX 12 mode significantly faster than DirectX 11!

Comparing the same scene across different versions of the game to compare how the rendering modes compare:

The system that was used for the above testing results: Ryzen 5600X, Radeon 6900XT; 1080p Enhanced renderer with all details at maximum.

A significant memory optimization was also made, and DX12 now uses up to 200 megabytes less memory than it did previously (especially relevant for players on laptops where the memory is shared).General Optimizations:



That’s it for this major patch for Warframe update 2.10. Stay tuned here at MP1st for more patch notes in the future!

Source: Warframe forums

Update 31.5: Angels of the Zariman Spoiler Courtesy A dedicated ‘known bugs list’ thread is also available for you to track what the team has on their list to fix: OF THE ZARIMAN QUEST Quest Prerequisite:Similar to the Saya’s Vigil, Vox Solaris, and Heart of Deimos quests, this is a solo gameplay-focused experience that will introduce you to key characters and Zariman related content. NEW TILESET: ZARIMAN Optimization Tip for PC Players:Zariman Tileset Resources:Voidplumes:Melica CachesMelica Caches & Zarium Accolades: Zarium AccoladesMelica CacheNew Somachord Fragments: NEW ENEMIES Kuva TrokarianDerivator CrewmanThrax Centurion Thrax LegatusCodename: Void Manifestations NEW HUB: CHRYSALITH ChrysalithNEW SYNDICATEZARIMAN BOUNTIESBounty Rewards: NEW MISSIONS TYPES Void Flood, Void CascadeVoid ArmageddonZariman NavigationVOID FLOOD (EVERVIEW ARC)Ruptures Void FloodHow to play:Vitoplast Void RupturesVoid Contamination Thrax CenturionthreeVOID CASCADE (TUVUL COMMONS)Void CascadeHow to play:Exolizers.Thrax CenturianfourVOID ARMAGEDDON (ORO WORKS)Reliquary Void ArmageddonHow to play: ExodampersRoundsWavesWaves: Rounds: three waves. next round.ArmamentsArgozene DropsArgozeneMazuka FaradonCorralizer Giottica EXTERMINATE (HALAKO PERIMETER) & MOBILE DEFENSE (THE GREENWAY) General Zariman Mission Notes:INCARNON WEAPONS Incarnon Weapons 101: 1. Acquire an Incarnon Weapon:PRAEDOS PHENMOR LAETUM2. Unlock Evolutions by Completing Challenges:3. Apply Upgrades to your Incarnon Weapon: ‘Evolve Incarnon Weapons’ Evolution I: Incarnon Transmutation Evolution II – V: Upgrades 4. Build Around Your Evolution Upgrades: nonNEW ARCANESMolt Efficiency (Warframe)Molt Vigor (Warframe)Cascadia Overcharge (Warframe) Emergence Renewed (Operator)Emergence Savior (Operator)Eternal Eradicate (Operator) Emergence Dissipate (Operator)Fractalized Reset (Primary) Cascadia Accuracy (Secondary) Cascadia Empowered (Secondary)DORMIZONEDormizone‘VERD-IE’Vista Suitefour new spacesVistagraphsAudioscape Vistagraphs:Audioscapes:VOIDSHELL SKINS Voidshell Material StructuresVoidshell Skins.Saryn Voidshell Collection Volt Voidshell CollectionRhino Voidshell CollectionVoidshell Skin Material Structures: Hombask’s Voidshell Bundle Represent NEW WARFRAME: GYREPASSIVE ARCSPHERECOIL HORIZONCATHODE GRACEROTORSWELLGYRE’S SIGNATURE WEAPON: ALTERNOXGYRE AUTOMATION HELMETTRIODIC SYANDANAGYRE COLLECTIONNEW MELEE STANCE: HEAVY SCYTHE: GALEFORCE DAWNNEW MELEE: HESPAR NEW RIFLE: AEOLAKANGELS OF THE ZARIMAN SUPPORTER PACKSAngels of the Zariman Emergence Pack Includes:Angels of the Zariman Chrysalith Pack Includes:VALKYR CARNIVEX COLLECTION DREYRIC FIST MELEE SKIN ALASTORN ARMORKIRA’S SHAWZIN[SPOILER] ORDIS SENTINEL SKINFOCUS SCHOOL SYSTEM REWORKWHAT IS FOCUS? ConvergenceUpdate 22: Plains of Eidolon Update 22.6 OPERATOR GAMEPLAY REWORK OVERVIEWOperator GameplayFocus SchoolVoid Dash to Void Sling*After its debut on Devstream #160 and following further playtesting, the team has since increased the overall speed of the Operator’s Void Sling thanks to feedback.Void Blast to Warframe Melee TransferFOCUS SCHOOL REWORKGeneral Notes:Any Focus points you’ve spent on upgrading your Pool capacity will be returned to you in the form of Radiant Eidolon shards, which you can convert into Focus points for a School of your choosing. RepresentTransference Static MADURAI SpeedsavageryUNAIRU resistance reflectionZENURIKDominate the EnemyNARAMONKnowing The EnemyVAZARINCounter The EnemyFocus Refund & Re-specTo recap, if you have invested in the Focus system, upon login you will receive an inbox message with the following: Operator UI ChangesGeneral Equipment menuAppearance menuFocus menuEXIMUS REBORN OverguardWarframe Power Resistance: Introducing Overguard Overguard this list is not exhaustive to all Warframe abilities that Overguard is resistant toLimbo’s Rift & EximusOverguard: Banshee’s SilenceOverguard: Ancient HealersHealth, Shield & Armor scalingVisual & Mechanical Enhancements: Supported Eximus Type per Faction:General Pool for all Factions: Arctic, Blitz, Energy Leech, Leech, and ShockCorpus Specific: Grineer Specific: Infested Specific: Archwing EximusNew Eximus Mercy FunctionalityBelow is a list of each Eximus type and a comparison of their current vs reworked versions:BLITZ / VOLATILE WasNEWVisual ChangesENERGY LEECH / PARASITIC WasNEWVisual ChangesARSON / CAUSTIC WasNEWVisual ChangesGUARDIANWasNEWImportant Note on Guardian Eximus related to AOE attacks: Visual ChangesCorpus Guardian Eximus exclusion: Ospreys ARCTIC / FROZENWasNEWVisual ChangesLEECH / SANGUINEWasNEWVisual ChangesSHOCK / BIO-ELECTRIC (new) WasNEWVisual ChangesVENOMOUS WasNEWVisual ChangesREWARDSADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS:New Player Experience: Quality Of Life ChangesClan Recruitment Changes Maggot DecorationsAudio Reverb Changes: Additions: UI Changes: Plains of Eidolon Thumper Changes & Fixes:DirectX 12 Performance and Optimizations:177 fpsGeneral Optimizations: Changes: Fixes: