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Warframe Update 1.019 Out for Echoes of Zariman 31.6 (June 9)

Jun 05, 2024

Digital Extremes has released Warframe update 1.019, which is for the Echoes of Zariman Update 31.6, and is out on all platform. This is another massive update, and we have the complete Warframe Echoes of Zariman patch notes below.

Update 31.6 includes code changes and fixes from PC Hotfix 31.5.4 and the new Update 31.6 content! The total download size is ~ 2.5 GB on PS4 and ~6.5 GB on PS5 (typical larger download due to system differences).

General console specific notes:


The following weapons, Arcanes, and special items have been added to Cavalero’s Offerings in the Chrysalith!


Cavalero has dug up two new Incarnon weapons previously used for ceremonial purposes.

FELARX (Shotgun)

The Felarx invokes ancient times when aristocrats hunted game. For ceremonies, Orokin elites bred creatures reminiscent of game birds of old to reanimate cultural myths. The Orokin gave the Zariman crew Felarx and a brace of birds as a sign of acceptance into elite society. The brace of birds becomes a pair of powerful pistols at the hands of the Void.

INNODEM (Dagger)

In the early Orokin Empire, elites wore Innodem as a symbolic reminder to defend the defenseless. The tradition fell out of style, but nostalgic elites acknowledged the sentiment in the form of a gift. The Void amplifies that ideal. Void energy strengthens Innodem gliding aerial attacks and the wielder is increasingly resilient as they perform finisher attacks in Incarnon Form.

Incarnon Weapon Changes & Fixes:


*All values below are shown at Rank 5. As always, values that were shown on Devstream #162 were subject to change and that is reflected below as further considerations and testing was done.

Eternal Onslaught (Amps)On Energy Depleted: +180% Critical Chance for 8s.

Eternal Logistics (Amps)On Void Sling: +72% Amp Ammo Efficiency for 8s.

Molt Augmented (Warframe) On Kill: +0.24% Ability Strength. Stacks up to 250x.

Molt Reconstruct (Warframe) Heal yourself and allies within Affinity Range 6 Health for each point of Energy spent on the initial casting cost of abilities.

Cascadia Flare (Secondary) On Heat Status Effect: +12% Damage for 10s. Stacks up to 480%.


The Amp Arcane Adapter fuses with an Amp to unlock an additional Arcane Slot. These can be purchased with Holdfast Standing from Cavalero.

To install the Amp Arcane Adapter and unlock an additional Slot, go to your Operator Equipment > Select the Amp you wish to unlock an additional Slot > Select the ‘Locked’ slot and hit “ok” to install the Amp Arcane Adapter.

With the addition of several new Amp Arcanes with Angels of the Zariman and Echoes of the Zariman, this new Slot allows you to make the most of your growing Arcane collection!

This new Arcane slot is only visible in the Operator Equipment screen once the Angels of the Zariman quest has been completed since Cavalero must be visited in the Chrysalith to get the Amp Arcane Adapter.


Cavalero has also updated his wares with new Ephemeras that are very inspired by Void Angel and Void Energy designs. Purchase the Blueprints for Standing and craft them to imbue yourself with the ethereal nature of the Void.

Raptwing EphemeraTake on the majesty of an angel’s wings. Give yourself an extra set of helping hands with this Angel-inspired Ephemera. The Ephemera’s arms will move to mirror your original set of arms.

Seraphayre EphemeraWalk in the echo of an ethereal song. Cloak your Warframe in Void Energy with this new Ephemera.


Kira played her shawzin to uplift the spirits of Zariman crewmembers. Her song and her memory live on in the Void.

This Shawzin has breathy airy tones, and can be purchased for Platinum via the in-game Market!


A new Landing Craft has been added! The Parallax was designed for Zariman interplanetary research. It can deploy the advanced Orokin Eye Air Support*, which would have allowed colonizers to study areas rich in rare resources before landing. Ordis scans the area (within 150m) for rare items.

The Parallax can be purchased via the in-game Market for Platinum or players can craft it by purchasing its Blueprint for Credits and finding its component blueprints via the Reinforced Carrypods located in the Zariman.

The Parallax also has 4 skins available for purchase in the in-game Market! They can each be purchased separately or in the Parallax Landing Craft Collection.

*Players who own the Parallax can equip its Orokin Eye Air Support on their other Landing Crafts.



We have added multidirectional movement to Void Sling!

Before: Void Sling would only let you sling forward in the direction of the camera.

Now: Void Slings are all about player direction input, no longer dependent on the camera.

How to execute

To BACK SLING, tilt the left analog stick down and Void Sling (Tap X and Hold X) – observe the Operator slinging towards the camera instead of away. The back sling will always be backwards, regardless of camera angle.

To STRAFE, tilt the left analog stick left or right and Void Sling – observe the Operator slinging in the direction they are running.


We made some improvements to the Operator projection positioning tech so that it produces a more accurate result of the final position where the Operator can pass through. This should help alleviate scenarios where the Operator could appear to Void Sling under a door but instead bonked their head. More work will be done to improve in other areas, notably issues with the Operator’s lower half colliding with the environment during Void Sling travel (we’ve got some broken ankles on the court).

Operator Cosmetic Fix & Additions

You may recall on Devstream 162 we had an open conversation about a newly surfaced bug where you could change the Operators facial appearance with any color available within your Color Palette inventory. While this was not intended, the team has discussed how to develop it into an appropriate feature based on Community sentiment.

Introducing REFACIA KIT! Open up an enticing array of radical new artificial skin colors using Refacia. Includes imitation Orokin Blue!

Players with access to a Focus School’s Represent Store (unlocked by fully maxing all of the Nodes within a School) can purchase the Refacia Kit with Focus Points to add an additional 15 artificial skin colors.

We wanted to add an investment path towards earning the Refacia Kit for a couple key reasons: 1) prevent new player confusion who have yet to reach that level of lore within Warframe, and 2) having a cosmetic to strive for in the later game.

We understand that the artificial colors given are on the subdued side compared to the Infested Palette hot pink and neon green. Our desire is to take the enjoyed bug and turn it into a lore-driven feature that fits within the ecosystem of Warframe for all to enjoy!

General Operator/Focus Changes & Fixes:



NEW: Chrysalith Bounty Fast Travel Portal

To ease the flow from Quinn to the Chrysalith elevator and vice versa, we have added portals!

Before: You would either have to run back and forth between the two or use a complex combination of Fast Travel menu hopping (Pause > Fast Travel > Quinn > Pause > Fast Travel > Zariman Navigation). This would interrupt gameplay flow when wanting to play back to back Bounties.

Now: A portal will spawn after selecting a Bounty at Quinn, walking into it will take you to the elevator where you can load into the mission. After completing the Bounty, a portal will be available for you to use upon exiting the elevator that will take you right back to Quinn to select your next Bounty.

NEW: Lohk Surges

A new dynamic gameplay element has been added to Zariman missions: Lohk Surges! They’re intended to be an overall benefit to your mission, but come with a bit of risk should you choose to engage with them.

Three Lohk Surges spawn throughout the tileset for players to find – each with their randomized buff to activate! Upon finding it, the icon will reveal the buff it offers. Whenever you trigger it, it will spawn an Eximus that you have to defeat.

There are 7 possible temporary 45 second buffs that apply to both Warframe and Operator (buffs persist between Transference):

There is a 10-minute cooldown for Lohk Surges after activating the buff, but once that’s finished you can go back and activate another Lohk Surge.

Lohk Surge challenges have also been added to the Zariman Bounties!

Void Cascade Mission Changes:

Thrax Enemy Changes:

NEW: Trade Resources for Voidplumes

Voidplumes can now be earned from Archimedean Yonta by trading in resources found throughout the Zariman! Voidplumes rotate every 8 hours, a Time Left to Trade timer is available to indicate the next upcoming rotation.

General Zariman Mission Changes & Fixes:

NEW: Open Landscape Fast Travel – Blinkpads!

You can now fast travel in Open Landscapes (Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis, and Cambion Drift) using Blinkpads! Blinkpads can also be interacted with while in Archwing, but upon arrival you will be returned to foot so that you can choose your next mode of transportation.

Players can teleport to other Blinkpads by interacting with ones they come across within the Landscape, or by selecting the Blinkpad they wish to travel to from their Advanced Map (accessed by holding their bound Show Level Map key).


We’ve adjusted the values of older Arcanes with the goal of making lower rank Arcanes more viable, and more desirable while collecting as a result. In short, there are three stats that each Arcane tends to have (speaking generally) — for example, a percentage chance, a stat buff, and the duration of the buff.

Certain Arcanes increase all of these stats per rank (making them scale exponentially), but we are changing it so that only one stat is affected by rank (making it scale linearly). The other stats will now be at the max-rank value regardless of the Arcane Rank, thereby buffing lower-rank Arcanes as a result.

For example, using Arcane Fury.

This change mostly affects older Arcanes that don’t already fit this new formula (with the exception of Arcane Barrier*), as the majority of newer Arcanes already follow this system. The Arcanes listed below are formatted to showcase which stats have been changed from scaling to constant (with the old “Unranked” value in brackets), and which stats will still increase with rank, using the # / # format. For the sake of clarity, we are only sharing unranked and max rank stat values, not the incremental value changes for ranks between them.

*Arcane Barrier is the one true exception to the Arcane changes below, since it has two scaling stats, but one of those stats actually becomes worse with rank. Rank 3-4 for example increases the cooldown from 4s to 5s. So if we were to change it to have constant cooldown like the others, we would be increasing the cooldown duration for the lower ranks – which is something we want to avoid! Any other possible changes might have to alter how the Arcane works overall, so we ultimately decided to leave it untouched.WARFRAME ARCANES

Arcane Acceleration On Critical Hit: 30% (was 5%) chance for 15%/90% Fire Rate to Primary Weapons (excluding Shotguns) for 9s (was 2s)

Arcane Aegis On Shield Damaged: 3% (was 1%) chance for 5%/30% Shield Recharge for 12s (was 2s)

Arcane AgilityOn Damaged: 60% (was 10%) chance for 10%/60% Parkour Velocity for 18s (was 3s)

Arcane ArachneOn Wall Latch: +25/150% damage for 30s (was 5s)

Arcane AvengerOn Damaged: 21% (was 4%) chance for +7.5%/45% Critical Chance for 12s (was 2s)

Arcane AwakeningOn Reload: 60% (was 10%) chance for +25%/150% Damage to Pistols for 24s (was 4s)

Arcane Blade ChargerOn Primary Weapon Kill: 30% (was 5%) chance for +50%/300% Melee Damage for 12s (was 2s)

Arcane ConsequenceOn Headshot: 100% (was 25%) chance for +10%/60% Parkour Velocity for18s (was 3s)

Arcane EnergizeOn Energy Pickup: 60% (was 10%) chance to replenish 25/150 Energy to self and allies within 15m (was 5m). 15s cooldown

Arcane FuryOn Critical Hit: 60% (was 10%) chance for +30%/180% Melee Damage to Melee Weapons for 18s (was 3s).

Arcane GraceOn Health Damaged: 9% (was 2%) chance for +1%/6% Health Regeneration/s for 9s (was 2s).

Arcane GuardianOn Damaged: 15% (was 3%) chance for +150/900 Armor for 20s

Arcane MomentumOn Critical Hit: 60% (was 10%) chance for +25%/150% Reload Speed to Sniper Rifles for 12s (was 2s).

Arcane PhantasmOn Block: 45% (was 8%) chance for 10%/60% Speed for 18s (was 3s)

Arcane PistoleerOn Pistol Headshot Kill: 60% (was 10%) chance for +17%/102% Ammo Efficiency for 12s (was 2s)

Arcane PrecisionOn Headshot: 100% (was 20%) chance for +50%/300% Damage to Pistols for 18s (was 3s)

Arcane Primary ChargerOn Melee Kill: 30% (was 5%) chance for +50%/300% Primary Weapon Damage for 12s (was 2s)

Arcane Pulse On Health Pickup: 60% (was 10%) chance to restore 50/300 Health to allies within 25m (was 10m). 15s cooldown

Arcane RageOn Headshot: 15% (was 3%) chance for +30%/180% Damage to Primary Weapons for 24s (was 4s)

Arcane StrikeOn Hit: 15% (was 3%) chance for +10%/60% Attack Speed to Melee Weapons for 18s (was 3s)

Arcane TankerOn Archgun Equipped: +200/1200 Armor for 60s (was 10s)

Arcane TempoOn Critical Hit: 15% (was 3%) chance for +15%/90% Fire Rate to Shotguns for 12s (was 2s)

Arcane TrickeryOn Finisher Kill: 15% (was 3%) chance to become invisible for 5s/30s

Arcane UltimatumOn Finisher Kill: 100% (was 25%) chance for +200/1200 Armor for 45s (was 8s)

Arcane VelocityOn Critical Hit: 90% (was 15%) chance for +20%/120% Fire Rate to Pistols for 9s (was 2s)

Arcane VictoryOn Headshot Kill: 75% (was 13%) chance for +0.5%/3% Health Regeneration/s for 9s (was 2s)

Theorem ContagionStanding in a zone created by a Residual Arcane creates a globe that orbits the player every 2s. The globe will strike the nearest enemy within 15m dealing 150 (was 25) damage increasing their vulnerability to the globe’s damage type by 25%/200% for 6s (was 1s). Globes will persist for 30s (was 5s) upon leaving the zone.

Theorem InfectionStanding in a zone created by a Residual Arcane increases damage of companions and summoned allies within 90m (was 15m) by 4%/24%/s stacking up to 15x. Effect persists for 20s upon leaving the zone.


Emergence DissipateWHILE IN VOID SLING: Press the weapon firing input to dissipate the endpoint in a 10m (was 7.5m) radius. Enemies hit have a 100% (was 50%) chance to create a short lived Void Mote that replenishes 5/10 energy on pick up.

Magus CadenceOn Void Sling: 100% (was 25%) chance for +15%/90% Sprint Speed for 12s (was 2s)

Magus Cloud On Void Mode: +50%/300% Void Sling Radius for 6s (was 1s)

Magus Drive On Transference In: Increase K-Drive Speed by 25%/150% for 30s (was 5s)

Magus Elevate On Transference In: 95% (was 30%) chance to restore 50/300 Health to Warframe

Magus FirewallOn Void Mode: Generate Void Particles every 1s (was 6s) up to 6 particles, each granting 12.5% Damage Reduction for 10s/60s. Taking damage consumes a particle.

Magus LockdownOn Void Sling: Drop a mine that tethers up to 10 (was 2) enemies in 3m/15m for 4s.

Magus Melt On Void Sling: Increase Heat Damage in Operator Mode by 30% (was 5%) for 15s (was 2.5s), stacking up to 2x/7x

Magus Overload On Void Sling: Stun robotic enemies for 3s, which then discharge Electricity Damage dealing 15%/80% of their Max Health to anyone within 25m (was 5m).

Magus Repair On Void Mode: Heal Warframes within 30m (was 5m) by 5%/25% Health/s.

Magus Replenish On Void Sling: 100% (was 25%) chance to heal 5%/30% Health

Virtuos FuryOn Status Effect: 20% (was 5%) chance for +7.5%/30% Damage for 4s (was 1s)

Virtuos Ghost On Headshot: 40% (was 10%) chance for +15%/60% Status Chance for 12s (was 3s)

Virtuos Null On Kill: +5%/20% Amp Energy Regeneration for 4s (was 1s)

Virtuos ShadowOn Headshot: 40% (was 10%) chance for +15%/60% Critical Chance for 12s (was 3s)

Virtuos StrikeOn Critical Hit: 20% (was 5%) chance for +15%/60% Critical Damage for 4s (was 1s)

Virtuos TempoOn Kill: 60% (was 15%) chance for +15%/60% Fire Rate for 8s (was 2s)


Pax Bolt On Headshot Kill: 100% (was 25%) chance for +7.5%/30% Ability Efficiency and +7.5%/30% Ability Strength on the next Ability used within 4s (was 1s)

Pax SeekerOn Headshot Kill: 100% (was 25%) chance for 1/4 projectiles burst from the enemy and seek the heads of nearby enemies.

Residual Boils*On Kitgun Kill: 20% (was 5%) chance to spawn volatile hives for 3s/12s that explode when enemies approach for 80 (was 20) Heat Damage in 10m (was 2.5m). Standing in the area applies Heat Damage type to Theorem Arcanes.

Residual Malodor*On Kitgun Kill: 20% (was 5%) chance to create a frigid mist for 3s/12s, dealing 40 (was 10) Cold Damage/s. Standing in the area applies Cold Damage type to Theorem Arcanes.

Residual Shock*On Kitgun Kill: 20% (was 5%) chance to spawn an electrified spike for 3s/12s, dealing 200 (was 50) Electricity Damage to enemies within 10m (was 2.5m). Standing in the area applies Electricity Damage type to Theorem Arcanes.

Residual Viremia*On Kitgun Kill: 20% (was 5%) chance to create pool of toxic blood for 3s/12s, dealing 40 (was 10) Toxin Damage/s. Standing in the area applies the Toxin Damage type to Theorem Arcanes.

*As a bonus for the four Residual Arcanes above, we’ve added some extra improvements – all four have had their buff radius increased to 9m, and each now has a 20% chance to proc their status type on all damage instances!ZAW ARCANES

Exodia BraveOn Heavy Attack Kill: +1.3/5 Energy Rate for 4s (was 1s). Stacks up to 3x

Exodia ForceOn Status Effect: 50% (was 5%) chance to deal 50%/200% Weapon Damage to enemies within 6m (was 3m).

Exodia HuntOn Ground Slam: 50% (was 20%) chance to pull enemies within 6m/12m into melee range

Exodia MightOn Finisher Kill: 50% (was 13%) chance for +7.5%/30% Life Steal for 8s (was 2s)

Lighting Changes:

We have made the following changes to lighting to improve how it interacts with details in open landscapes!

You may also notice in the above image that we have also made foliage blend improvements.

Enemy Grappling Hook Rework:

Scorpions, Ancients, and Tusk Predators have had their grappling hook mechanic reworked! An age-old enemy mechanic from the early beginnings of Warframe, they’ve been grappling Tenno left and right for years – it’s time to break free! Since its introduction, the grappling hook attack has consistently knocked players down or dragged them around, providing no opening for combative counterplay.

NOW Scorpion, Ancient, and Tusk Predator grappling hooks will tether to you, followed by a slight delay (1 second) before they attempt to slowly pull you in. Tenno who are agile enough can now Melee attack in the direction of the rope to destroy it and stagger the enemy. Additionally, Bullet Jumping or dodging during the pulling animation can cause a stagger to the enemy.

*Isolator Bursas have not received the cut mechanic since the mechanic works a bit differently for these enemies.

Dog Days Returns! Dog Days returns on all platforms today at 2 p.m. ET and will run until June 29th at 2 p.m. ET. This year your favorite rewards return but there are some new additions that can be earned!

The event also features a new day and night cycle so you can test your soaking skills in the dark. Read up more about this tactical alert here:






Source: Warframe forums

General console specific notes:NEW CAVALERO OFFERINGS NEW INCARNON WEAPONSFELARX (Shotgun)INNODEM (Dagger) Incarnon Weapon Changes & Fixes: NEW ARCANES Eternal Onslaught (Amps)Eternal Logistics (Amps)Molt Augmented (Warframe) Molt Reconstruct (Warframe) Cascadia Flare (Secondary) NEW AMP ARCANE ADAPTERNEW EPHEMERAS Raptwing EphemeraSeraphayre EphemeraNEW: PARALLAX LANDING CRAFT ParallaxOrokin Eye Air Support*,OPERATOR CHANGES MULTIDIRECTIONAL VOID SLINGBefore:Now: How to executeBACK SLING, STRAFECAPSULE CHANGESOperator Cosmetic Fix & Additions REFACIA KIT!Players with access to a Focus School’s Represent Store (unlocked by fully maxing all of the Nodes within a School) can purchase the Refacia Kit with Focus Points to add an additional 15 artificial skin colors.General Operator/Focus Changes & Fixes:EXIMUS CHANGES ZARIMAN MISSION CHANGESNEW: Chrysalith Bounty Fast Travel PortalNEW: Lohk Surges Lohk Surges!Void Cascade Mission Changes: In-Mission Tutorial Screen:Thrax Enemy Changes: NEW: Trade Resources for Voidplumes General Zariman Mission Changes & Fixes: NEW: Open Landscape Fast Travel – Blinkpads!ARCANE STAT CHANGES PER RANKunrankedmax rankWARFRAME ARCANESArcane Acceleration Arcane Aegis Arcane AgilityArcane ArachneArcane AvengerArcane AwakeningArcane Blade ChargerArcane ConsequenceArcane EnergizeArcane FuryArcane GraceArcane GuardianArcane MomentumArcane PhantasmArcane PistoleerArcane PrecisionArcane Primary ChargerArcane Pulse Arcane RageArcane StrikeArcane TankerArcane TempoArcane TrickeryArcane UltimatumArcane VelocityArcane VictoryTheorem ContagionTheorem InfectionOPERATOR ARCANESEmergence DissipateMagus CadenceMagus Cloud Magus Drive Magus Elevate Magus FirewallMagus LockdownMagus Melt Magus Overload Magus Repair Magus Replenish Virtuos FuryVirtuos Ghost Virtuos Null Virtuos ShadowVirtuos StrikeVirtuos TempoKITGUN ARCANES Pax Bolt Pax SeekerResidual Boils*Residual Malodor*Residual Shock*Residual Viremia*ZAW ARCANESExodia BraveExodia ForceExodia HuntExodia MightLighting Changes: Enemy Grappling Hook Rework: Dog Days Returns! ADDITIONS: UI CHANGES:OPTIMIZATIONS:GENERAL CHANGES:FIXES: