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John Deere updates technology features on Grade Pro graders

Jun 25, 2023

John Deere Grade Pro motor graders now include new technology features, including two that Deere says are industry-exclusive: Blade Stow and Auto-Gain for Cross Slope.

“These new features allow new operators to come up to speed more quickly, and all operators can take full advantage of the productivity of Deere graders,” says Luke Kurth, Deere product marketing manager, motor graders.

Both Blade Stow and Auto-Gain are designed to provide greater simplification for the operator:

An optional Machine Damage Avoidance is also now available on GP-Series graders. This prevents the moldboard from inadvertently contacting the tires, the cab steps or frame, and the saddle from contacting the table.

Deere also announced technology advancements on its SmartGrade features, including a larger file-processing capability, up to 20% faster file transfers and increased real-time kinematic (RTK) radio stability. SmartGrade machines are now compatible with network RTK and local positioning system (LPS) technology.

SmartGrade models—which feature a mastless machine control system — now come standard with a factory-installed Premium Circle, which has a fully sealed bearing and pinion. Deere says it reduces maintenance costs and downtime by eliminating wear inserts and ensuring the circle remains tight during operation. The Premium Circle also maximizes accuracy while also significantly boosting circle torque and speed, says Deere.

Below is Deere’s overview of its GP-Series graders:

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